How do I register a vehicle as an out of state resident?

In order to register a vehicle as a non-resident, you must first have a dwelling in Gilmanton and provide us with proof of ownership.

You must fill out a notarized Non Resident Statement Affidavit, and present your current out-of-state driver's license. The vehicle will then be registered utilizing the legal address in Gilmanton.

All vehicles 2000 or newer will need a title.

If registering a vehicle 1999 or older, two forms of VIN is necessary:

Bill of sale containing VIN number, make, model, etc.


TDMV 19A form for vehicles purchased out of state 


Copy of previous NH registration


Copy of previous title from any state

If you are transferring plates from another vehicle that is currently registered in NH you will need to surrender the current registration. 

RSA 261:46. Nonresident Registration. Notwithstanding RSA 261:45, a nonresident who garages a vehicle primarily in this state may register such vehicle in this state as a nonresident. A vehicle is garaged primarily in this state if it is garaged in this state for at least 350 days of the registration year. No exemption from the payment of a permit fee shall be granted by reason of nonresidence except by the director, who shall in all cases require proof satisfactory to him or her of residence elsewhere, and of the liability of a nonresident owner, otherwise entitled to such exemption, to pay a property tax on the vehicle for the current year in the state of his or her residence.