Emergency Management

Welcome to the Town of Gilmanton's Emergency Preparedness Web page. Please use this page as a starting point for all your emergency planning needs. As we can all attest too, emergencies both man-made and natural occur within our country on a frequent basis. In many cases we receive enough warning to react and respond to a threat in a timely manner, however, there are times when we have very little time to react.

The town of Gilmanton works hard to develop plans that will address most types of emergencies that we may encounter. Our goal is to handle these emergencies with a systematic approach using all the resources available to ensure our citizens are safe and secure. Some of the emergencies that we may encounter and are more likely to occur include the following man-made or natural events:

  1. Electrical Outage
  2. Snow & Ice Storm
  3. Hurricane, Tornado, or large wind event
  4. Conflagration (A large fire encompassing multiple structures, or large property area.)
  5. Hazardous Materials Incident
  6. Dam Breach
  7. School Emergency

Accordingly the situation is as follows:

  1. The Town of Gilmanton faces a wide variety of risks which may pose a significant threat to the population and property within the town. These include natural, human-caused and technological emergencies or disasters.
  2. Depending upon the extent and nature of the disaster or emergency, a potential condition exists that may severely hamper the economic and physical infrastructure of the town, region or State.
  3. During an emergency or disaster the town will take immediate and appropriate actions to determine, direct, mobilize and coordinate the response movement. The town will activate the necessary functions to redirect resources in order to save lives, relieve human suffering, sustain survivors, protect property, and repair essential facilities.
  4. A catastrophic disaster may overwhelm local and State governments in providing a timely and effective response to meet the needs of the situation. (Town of Gilmanton Emergency Operations Plan)

IN THE EVENT OF ANY EMERGENCY PLEASE DIAL 911. Resources will be dispatched in a timely manner to assist you.

In the event of a large scale emergency in Gilmanton please stay tuned to your local radio stations and television channels for important information. Your town website can also be used as a resource.We will look to update information in as timely a manner as possible.

When faced with an emergency, planning is the key, for a safe outcome for you and your family.

The State of NH has some wonderful resources that you can access to help you with your family emergency planning. Please review the State and Government web links provided to access resources that will prove helpful. The READYNH web site provides invaluable tools for you to use.

Some of the information you will have access to includes Emergency preparedness planning forms developed for Families, Kids, Business, Special/Medical needs specifically developed for the State of NH. You will also find helpful FEMA links here.

Please use the attached Emergency Preparedness Planning forms. These will help you get started in the planning process. If you unable to print them off at home we will be glad to provide them to you free of charge. You may either stop by the firehouse of give us a call.

If our office can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us at 603.364.2500, we will do our best to address your questions.

Yours in public safety,

Chief J Hempel III
Emergency Management Director
Town of Gilmanton

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Paul J. Hempel, III Emergency Management Director (603) 364-2500