Transfer Station

COVID-19 Update

The Transfer Station will maintain business-as-usual with the following adjustments: 

  • Personnel and residents to adhere to CDC guidelines with respect to “Social distancing”
  • No public access to Office areas

Thank you for your understanding

  We have been getting a lot of non recycling items in the mixed paper, like used feminine items and used toilet paper. Please DO NOT PUT in recycling!

  thow in trash

Hello Gilmanton residents: we need some help with the brush pile. We have been getting a lot of branches over 5in. in diameter, since we are not alowed to burn anything over 5in. this is becoming an issue,.

The compost pile also has had a lot of brush in it. Please make sure to seperate material appropriately. If this continues, we may be forced to no longer accept brush.

Thank you for your attention to the matters above.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ronald Nason Recycling Facility Manager (603) 267-6070
Matthew Abraham Solid Waste Facility Attendant
Peter Kotsakis Solid Waste Facility Attendant/ Equipment Operator
Kim Boutsianis Solid Waste Facility Attendant