Budget Committee

The Gilmanton Budget Committee is made up of six elected Members-at-Large and four Representatives. The Members-at-large are elected for three-year terms. These terms are staggered such that two Members-at-Large are up for election each year. The Representatives are chosen by the organization they represent.

The Budget Committee prepares the Town budget, reviews expenditure requests and revenue estimates. They meet periodically to review the budget statement. They hold at least one public hearing for each budget.

The Budget Committee usually begins departmental hearings in December and continues the hearings through January. Public Hearings, when the budget is presented to the citizens, are normally conducted the end of January or the first part of February. The Budget Committee prepares its recommendations during the first part of February in order that it can be given to the Selectmen and School District by mid February in time to have the Annual Reports printed for distribution. Budget Committee meetings are scheduled for Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. at the Academy Building during budget season. Should there be a need to cancel a meeting because of inclement weather, the meeting is normally rescheduled for the following Tuesday.

Staff Contacts

Committee Members

Name Title
Brian Forst Chair (2023)
Alec Bass Member (2021)
Stephen Bedard Member (2022)
Anne Kirby Member (2021)
Joanne P. Melle Member (2022)
Grace L. Sisti Member (2023)
Patrick Hackley Sawyer Lake Representative (2020)
Michael J. Wilson Selectmen Representative (2020)
Mark E. Warren Alternate Selectmen Representative (2020)
Malcolm MacLeod School Board Representative (2021)