Cemetery Trustees

The Trustees of Cemeteries are elected by the voters of Gilmanton to maintain municipal cemeteries placed under their management. Two of the four active cemeteries in the community, Pine Grove and Smith Meeting House, have separate private management associations.

The Trustees have been charged with the care of the remaining two cemeteries, Buzzell and Beech Grove, and 37 other burial and historic sites. Many sites have been reclaimed and require only seasonal maintenance. Some are being reclaimed with the repair and construction of walls, fences and gates, the trimming of trees to eliminate falling branches that can shatter antique head stones, the installation of steps and the repair and resetting of damaged stones. A few sites remain where reclamation has not begun.

The Trustees thank the voters and members of the community for their support and assistance in preserving and maintaining these important links to Gilmanton’s heritage. Please do not hesitate to contact any Trustee with comments, questions or recommendations.

Board Members (3 year terms)

Name Title
Candace Daigle Trustee (2021)
John Dickey Trustee (2023)
Leonard (JR) Stockwell, Jr. Trustee (2022)