Town of Gilmanton, New Hamsphire
January 23, 2018, 9:21 am




What to Register

  • All motorboats, regardless of size.
  • Sailboats and sailboards 12 feet or longer.

What Not to Register

  • Sailboat and sailboards less than 12 feet in length.
  • Kayaks.
  • Canoes.


  • Any U.S. government vessel.
  • Any vessel registered in another state operating on New Hampshire waters for 30 consecutive days or less.

Requirements and Procedures

  1. Complete a Boat Registration Application
  2. Bring completed application along with your driver''s license and proof of ownership (title, old registration, bill of sale) to any recognized New Hampshire boat agent (Marine Patrol Headquarters, the Boat Desk in Concord, and various marinas, sport shops, town halls and Division of Motor Vehicle (DVM) offices).
  3. Pay all applicable fees.


Fees depend on the length and year of your boat. Contact your Town Clerk.

Renewals and Replacements

Registrations expire on December 31st of every year.

Renew in Person

Bring your renewal form to your Town Clerk and pay all applicable fees.

Replace Lost Registration


Bring your boat''s bow number and your driver''s license to:

  • Any DMV office that handles boat registrations.
  • The Boat Desk in Concord.
  • Marine Patrol Headquarters.

Boater License

  • Everyone over age 16 who drives a boat with 25 horsepower or more must complete the Department of Safety''s Boating Education Course and pass their exam.
  • If you are younger than 16 and want to drive, your passenger must be older than 18 and have completed the Department of Safety''s Boating Education Course.

Boating Education Course

Boating Education Classes are conducted across the state throughout the year.



*****  New for Fish & Game: Effective 12/15/2014Agents may take Credit Card payments for Fish & Game Licensing and OHRV Registrations  *****

The Gilmanton Town Clerk/Tax Collector's office accepts the following Credit Cards:


Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express




The Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office processes Snowmobile/OHRV registrations as well as Hunting & Fishing Licenses.

You may also register for membership with the Gilmanton Snowmobile Association at the Clerk’s Office and enjoy the $30.00 discount available to Club members for registering your snowmobiles. Gilmanton trail maps ($3.00) and Belknap County trail maps ($5.00) are also sold at the Clerk''s office.


Gilmanton Snowmobile Association, Club #003

New Hampshire ATV Trails


NH Fish & Game Dept


Phone Numbers
NH Fish & Game - Safety Courses, Law Envorcement: (603) 271-3129
(Check their website: for safety class information).
Bureau of Trails - Trail Maps: (603) 271-3254
NH Snowmobile Association: (603) 273-0220
NH OHVA - Wheeled Vehicles: 1-888-847-1964


Requirements to Register an OHRV

  • All applicants for an Off Highway Recreational Vehicle Registration must be at least 18 years of age and apply in person, and present a VALID driver's license or state-issued non-driver's photo identification
  • To receive resident rates, the applicant must present a valid New Hampshire driver''s license or New Hampshire non-driver''s photo ID issued by the Department of Safety MV - there are NO EXCEPTIONS.  These license numbers must be written on the Registration Certificate.
  • Any OHRV registered to Companies may ONLY be issued by the NH Fish and Game Department - all others will be invalid.
  • To qualify for member snowmobile rates; the applicant (Residents and Non-Residents) must present proof of membership in a non-profit snowmobile club that is affiliated with the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association.  The membership must be for the current registration year.
  • If you are RENEWING, please bring in your previous expired registration.  You may also renew snowmobile club memberships with the Gilmanton Snowmobile Association at the Clerk''s Office.
  • An OHRV registration consists of a white certificate and two (2) decals.  the registration certificate must be carried by the operator and decals must be properly affixed to the OHRV.  See back of decal for detailed placement instructions.
  • TRACKED OHRVs:  In order to operate on state-approved snowmobile trails, an OHRV (wheeled vehicle) that has had the tires replaced with tracks, cleats or skis, MUST be properly registered as a snowmobile and meet the definition of a snowmobile.  If operating as a wheeled vehicle, an OHRV registration is required. Machines operated as a tracked OHRV on snowmobile trails in the winter, and as a wheeled OHRV, must be dually registered.
  • All OHRVs must be registered if operated off of the owner's property. 
  • No registration is required for youth model ATV's 95cc or less; trail bikes 95cc or less; or snowmobiles 125cc or less, if the operator is less than 12 years of age.

Questions: Please call our office or any of the above referenced numbers for Fish and Game.  Also, check out "FAQ''s for the Town Clerk/Tax Collector" for information on OHRV''s.


Snowmobile/OHRV Fee Schedule 2017 - 2018

OHRV - July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

Resident: Must show proof of residency & age

Nonresident: Must show proof of age
Please have Driver''s License or Photo Identification available.


Resident Snowmobile* $66.00 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  
Resident Non-Member Snowmobile $96.00 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  
Resident Other (ATV, Etc) $57.00 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  
Resident Other 14-Month (ATV, Etc) $66.00 5/1/2017-6/30/2018 The "initial registration" restriction has been removed from the 14-Month registration statute; now anyone can purchase a 14-Month registration for wheeled vehicles.
Resident Trail Bike (2-Wheel) $48.00 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  
Resident Trail Bike 14-Month (2-Wheel) $55.00 5/1/2017-6/30/2018 The "initial registration" restriction has been removed from the 14-Month registration statute; now anyone can purchase a 14-Month registration for wheeled vehicles.
Transfer***/Replacement $23.50 Remainder of Registration Year New set of decals & registration issued
Resident Antique Snowmobile $52.50 Permanent. Available at Fish & Game only Vehicle Must be 25 or more yrs. An antique OHRV is defined as one that was manufactured prior to 1969 or is at least 25 years old. This registration is available to residents of the state of New Hampshire only and is available by contacting the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.
Resident Antique ATV $52.50 Permanent. Available at Fish & Game only Vehicle Must be 25 or more yrs. An antique OHRV is defined as one that was manufactured prior to 1969 or is at least 25 years old. This registration is available to residents of the state of New Hampshire only and is available by contacting the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.
Resident Antique Trail Bike $52.50 Permanent. Available at Fish & Game only Vehicle Must be 25 or more yrs. An antique OHRV is defined as one that was manufactured prior to 1969 or is at least 25 years old. This registration is available to residents of the state of New Hampshire only and is available by contacting the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.
Non-Resident Snowmobile $  86.00 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  
Non-Resident Non-Member
$116.00 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  
Non-Resident Other (ATV, Etc) $  76.00 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  
Non-Resident Other 14-Month (ATV, Etc) $  88.00 5/1/2017-6/30/2018 The "initial registration" restriction has been removed from the 14-Month registration statute; now anyone can purchase a 14-Month registration for wheeled vehicles.
Non-Resident Trail BIke (2-wheel) $  67.00 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  
Non-Resident Trail Bike 14-Month (2 Wheel) $  78.00 5/1/2016-6/30/2017 The "initial registration" restriction has been removed from the 14-Month registration statute; now anyone can purchase a 14-Month registration for wheeled vehicles.
Transfer***/Replacement $  23.50 Remainder of Registration Year New set of decals & registration issued



*Must present proof of paid membership in a non-profit snowmobile club that is a member club of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association.  Membership must be for current registration year. 

Transfer***:  Transfers are only issued if the registered OHRV was sold, stolen, given away or traded.  Transfers are available for a person who has given up ownership of their registered OHRV and wish to register another OHRV of the same type in their name for the remainder of the year (IE: ATV to ATV, snowmobile to snowmobile). The owner''s name must be same on both certificates. The Registration Agent will issue a new set of decals and registration certificate.  The decal numbers listed on the old machine will be no longer valid; they are not transferable and are invalid for further use.

Replacement Decals: Available to a person who is requesting a new set of decals because their current decals have been lost, stolen or destroyed.  The owner''s name must be the same on both certificates.The Registration Agent will issue a new set of decals and registration certificate.  The decal numbers listed on the old registration will  be no longer valid.

Town of Gilmanton - Use of Class VI Roads by OHRV/ATV''s
Section 2; Paragraph 4 (Adopted February 4, 2002)
"As of the adoption of this ordinance, Class VI roads which have been approved for use by OHRV/ATV include:  Perkins Road, Donovan Road, Canaan Road, Joe Jones Road, Prescott Road, Nelson Road, Potter Road, the Class VI portion of Gale Road and approximately 200 feet of the Class V portion of Gale Road from Celon Kelley''s driveway to the Class VI portion of Gale Road".



Hunting & Trapping - September 2017- August 2018
Freshwater/Saltwater Fishing - January 2017 - December 2017

Resident Fishing (All species)……................................…$45.00*

Non Resident Fishing (All species).................…..…..............$63.00*

Senior Freshwater Fishing (Resident Only)*....................$  7.00 N/A
1 Day Freshwater Fishing...................................................$10.00 1 Day Non Resident Freshwater Fishing................................$10.00
3 Day Freshwater Fishing (NonResident Only) ....................................................................................................$28.00
7 Day Freshwater Fishing (NonResident Only) ....................................................................................................$35.00

Clam (Ages 6-67-Resident Only)..................................,.....$30.00*


Oyster (Ages 0-67-Resident Only)..................................,...$30.00*


Resident *Recreational Saltwater Fishing.........................$11.00*

Non Resident *Recreational Saltwater Fishing......................$ 11.00*

Resident Combo Hunting & Fishing…….......................…$56.00*

Non Resident Combo Hunting & Fishing………….............…$151.00*

Senior Combination Hunting & Fishing (Resident Only).$  7.00 N/A

Resident Hunting……………........................…….….…...…$32.00*

Non Resident Hunting………….…………….…..............…...…$113.00*

Small Game Hunting (NonResident Only)* ....................................................................................................$  53.00
3 Day Small Game Hunting (NonResident Only)* ....................................................................................................$  25.00

Resident Archery…………………….........................……....$32.00*

Non Resident Archery……………………...............…………….$ 83.00*

Senior Archery (Resident Only)..........................................$  3.00 N/A

Resident Special Deer Archery (All ages)…......................$26.00*
Must be purchased same time as Archery License


Non Resident Special Deer Archery (All ages)…….............…$ 26.00*
Must be purchased same time as Archery License


Muzzleloader ........................................................................$16.00
Must have current year N.H. Firearm License


Non Resident Muzzleloader (All ages for NonResidents).......$ 41.00
Must have current year N.H. Firearm License

Senior Muzzleloader (Resident Only)  

Resident Pheasant…...………….….………..$31.00*

Non Resident Hunting (Small Game).……….….…...…$ 31.00*

Resident Bear (All ages)………….……….....$16.00*

Non Resident Hunting (Small Game 3 Days)..….….…$ 48.00*

Resident Turkey (All ages)………….………$16.00*

Non Resident Pheasant…...………….….………..……..$ 26.00*

Resident Migratory Waterfowl………….….$11.00*

Non Resident Bear (All ages)………..……….…...….....$ 48.00*

Wildlife Habitat Fee*………………………...$ 2.50

Non Resident Turkey (All ages)…………..…….………$ 31.00*

*Wildlife Habitat Fee is paid ONCE ANNUALLY-

Non Resident Migratory Waterfowl……………....…….. $11.00*

 EXCLUDING minors & permanent license holders

Wildlife Habitat Fee*…………………………………...$  2.50



MOOSE HUNT LOTTERY APPLICATIONS:  Lottery applications may be obtained from this licensed agent starting in mid-January.  Applications must be postmarked no later than midnight of the last Friday in May.  A computer drawing will be held on the third Friday in June. (2017: June 17th).




Town Meeting Minutes

2004 Town Meeting Minutes
2005 Town Meeting Minutes
2006 Town Meeting Minutes
2007 Town Meeting Minutes
2008 Town Meeting Minutes
2009 Town Meeting Minutes
2010 Town Meeting Minutes
2011 Town Meeting Minutes
2012 Town Meeting Minutes
2013 Minutes of the First Deliberative Session
2014 Minutes of the First Deliberative Session
Minutes of Special Town Meeting 5-13-2014 Deliberative Session
2015 Minutes of the First Deliberative Session
2016 Minutes of the First Deliberative Session






Click on the picture of the car above to use the VEHICLE ESTIMATE TOOL for EREG

Motor Vehicles





Mastercard, VISA, Discover and American Express (AMEX) are accepted in the Town Clerk/Tax Collector''s Office Payments may still be made by Cash.  We will be going to a "One Check" system where one check will be made payable to the "Town of Gilmanton".  There will no longer be a separate check for "State of NH - MV" 

To register your vehicle through E-Reg please click on the link below:


Town of Gilmanton

If you would like to Opt-out to remove your information from the E-Reg Server please click on the link below:

Privacy Statement


Dog Registration


2017 Dog Tags are in! Please register your dog(s) by April 30th. 



LEASH LAW:  (ARTICLE 6) – The provisions of RSA 466:30-a which make it unlawful for any dog to run at large, except when accompainied by the owner or custodian, and when used for hunting, herding, supervised competition and exhibition or training for such, were adopted by a Vote of the Town Meeting on: March 12, 1996

466:1 Procuring License; Tag.  Every owner or keeper of a dog 4 months old or over shall annually, cause it to be registered, numbered, described and licensed for one year in the office of the clerk of the city or town in which the dog is kept, and shall cause it to wear around its neck a collar to which shall be attached a metal tag with the following information thereon:  the name of the city or town, year of issue of license and its registered number.  The tag and license shall be furnished by the clerk at the expense of the city or town.  Regardless of when the license is obtained, the license shall be effective from May 1st of each year to April 30th of the subsequent year.

466:3 Transfer.  A license duly recorded shall be valid in any part of the state, and may be transferred with the dog licensed.  The clerk of the town or city may charge $1.50 to cover the cost of the tag for the new license.

466:1-a Vaccination Required. I. Before a license is issued under the provisions of this subdivision, the owner or keeper of a dog shall furnish to the clerk verification from a licensed veterinarian that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies in accordance with RSA 436.The registrant is required to produce a valid rabies certificate for the dog and if applicable spaying/neutering certificate. Licenses can be obtained by mail with the proper documentation and fee.

466:7 Additional Charge Where Payment of license Fee is Delayed.  In addition to the license fees provided in RSA 466:4, there shall be a charge of $1.00 for each month or any part thereof that the fees remain unpaid if said fees are not paid before June 1st in any year.

466:14 Warrants; Proceedings. …The local governing body shall, within 20 days from June 20, issue a warrant to a local official authorized to issue a civil forfeiture for each unlicensed dog…After June 20, upon instruction from the Board of Selectmen, the Gilmanton Police Department will issue a $25.00 civil forfeiture for failure to license plus a fee for Cost of Service of $7.00. Please register on time to avoid fines!

**Please let us know if you no longer own a previously licensed dog so that we may update our records.

LICENSE FEES:  (RSA 466:4 Fees)


Male/Female (not neutered)




Puppy (under 7 months)


Senior Citizen - over 65 (first dog)


Group License (Five (5) or more dogs)



Please deliver or mail the appropriate fee (add $1.00 per owner if licensing by mail) to:  Town Clerk/Tax Collector, PO Box 550, Gilmanton, NH  03237.  Please make checks/money orders payable to "Town of Gilmanton".  If your dog is not previously licensed in Gilmanton, or if there is an update to the rabies expiration or spayed/neutered status, please also bring in or send along with your fees the current proof of rabies inoculation and, if applicable, the spaying/neutering certificate.




Vital Records



Forms for Obtaining a Vital Record:

Vital Record Certificate Application

Documentation Evidence for Individuals Not Possessing An Acceptable Picture Identification


New Hampshire vital records are considered to be private, and access to them is restricted by statute to those individuals who have a "direct and tangible interest" in the record. To view all of the disclosure limitations to our records, click on this link to our statute; RSA 5-C:9. Certain older records are exempted from these access restrictions. Birth records prior to 1909, and deaths, marriages and divorce records prior to 1959 are considered to have unrestricted access.

Individuals wishing to research these "genealogical" records may do so by visiting our "Genealogical Research Center" that is located at our site at 71 South Fruit Street, Concord, NH 03301. Alternatively, upon receipt of a completed application, positive identification and the required fee, Vital Records staff will research records for you.


The New Hampshire Heirloom Birth Certificate is 11 x 14 inches (suitable for framing) and is created from the original artwork of NH artist Karen Holman and is now being offered at a cost of $25.00 through the New Hampshire Division of Vital Records Administration. The Heirloom Birth Certificate is available to all New Hampshire-born citizens that were born between the years of 1948 to the present. The recipient of the certificate must be able to meet New Hampshire’s access requirements. If you are not eligible to obtain a record for a friend or loved one, you may purchase a gift certificate entitling the eligible recipient to receive a copy.


We are located at:

71 South Fruit Street

Concord, NH 03301-2410

(603) 271-4650


You may request an Heirloom Certificate by mail at the address above, or in person between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

This certificate would make a great gift for many occasions such as:

¨ Birthdays
¨ Holidays
¨ Family Celebrations



Town of Gilmanton - Pay your Real
Estate Tax Bill Online
NEW CHANGE WITH PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS ONLINE AND IN THE CLERK''S OFFICE:  Beginning December 7, 2011 we switched our online pay vendor to IDC (Interware Development Company) based out of Mt. Vernon, New Hampshire.   We are able to accept Credit Card payments for Real Estate taxes, INCLUDING Tax Liens, online as well as over the counter in the Clerk''s Office using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.  We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.












Payment Options:
USPS - Mail your taxes, postmark date accepted. 
Payments can be made using an electronic check (ACH) from a checking or savings account for a minimal fee. ($1.50) Credit Cards are 2.95% user based convenience fees on the total amount of the bill.
You may make payments* using Discover®, American Express® MasterCard® or Visa Credit Cards®.

*Please note that all real estate tax payments need to be made first to the oldest delinquent real estate taxes (tax lien), if any, for the indicated property.  Please contact us if you should have any questions by phone: (603) 267-6726 or email:


  2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
Town 4.82 4.23


4.10 4.97 5.74 6.05 4.71 4.38 4.56 4.30 3.98 3.88 3.75

Local School

16.57 16.15 16.73 14.82 12.36 13.93 13.68 13.48 12.71


12.46 11.59 10.91 9.60
State Education 2.20 2.33 2.34 2.67 2.43 2.39 2.42 2.38 2.49 2.49 2.40 2.43 2.21 2.30
County 1.21 1.21 1.36 1.34 1.39 1.36 1.36 1.38 1.40 1.41 1.37 1.27 1.25 1.15
Total 24.80 23.91 25.94 22.93 21.15 23.42 23.51 21.95 20.98 20.98 20.53 19.27 18.25 16.80
Village District - - - - - - .28 .20 .13 .08 .17 .13 .14 .14
Sawyer Lake District 2.00 1.90 2.04 1.97 1.81 2.02 2.18 1.84 2.18 2.34 1.48 1.68 1.20 .96
Equalized Ratio TBD 97.0% 103.9% 102% 111.3% 106.1% 105.3% 100.3% 96.1% 92.4% 85.1% 92% 98% 100%



Documents and Forms top of page
    July 1, 2015 Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving; Prohibited -  265:79-c Use of Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving; Prohibition. Please make yourselves familiar with the new law that takes effect on 7/1/15 relative to hand held devices.
2017 Dog Tags Are In! - 466:1 Procuring License; Tag. Every owner or keeper of a dog 4 months old or over shall annually, cause it to be registered...Regardless of when the license is obtained, the license shall be effective from May 1st of each year to April 30th...
New Tools Help Private Well Owners Test and Treat Well Water  - As a result of high-profile drinking water contamination incidents and a recent National Cancer Institute study on bladder cancer and private wells in northern New England, awareness of contaminants in private well water as is public interest in testing.
Corrected Minutes of the Jan. 31, 2015 Town Deliberative Session - Attached are the minutes of the Town's Deliberative Session so that you may read through the discussion and decisions of what will appear on the Town Ballot on Tuesday, March 10th with voting to be held in the School Gymnasium from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Service Dog Information - Attached is a link to guide you to the rules and definition of what a service dog is.
2017 Schedule - Timeline of Tax Liening and Tax Deeding - Attached is the timeline schedule of tax liening and tax deeding for 2017. Please also note that after the tax lien has been executed further costs will be incurred for the notice to mortgagee in the amount of $10.00 for research and $17.00 for notice
Bill of Sale  - Bill of sale available for download for vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles, etc.
Are You Facing Foreclosure? - Contact a HUD-Certified Housing Counselor for FREE help!
State Increases State Motor Vehicle Rates - Effective 8/1/09 the State of NH - Dept. of Safety increased the rates of vehicles with an added surcharge. Boat registrations fee increases become effective on 8/28/09.
2007 Town Meeting Minutes - Minutes of the 2007 Town Meeting.
Minutes of the 2014 First Deliberative Session - Please click on the link above to review the minutes of the First Deliberative Session for Gilmanton held on Saturday, February 1, 2014.
Mailing Address Change Form for Property Taxes - Please complete the attached form if your mailing address has changed for your property tax bill.
Real ID - Real ID becomes available January 3, 2017 in New Hampshire. Our current NH ID's and non-driver ID's will be accepted until October 1, 2020.
Rabies - Stephen K. Crawford, DVM, New Hampshire State Veterinarian on the importance of rabies vaccination.
FYI Gilmanton Residents: Belmont DMV Substation Closing - The Belmont DMV Substation's last day of business will be Friday, June 22nd.
2013 Tax Bills Are Out - The Due Date is December 9, 2013.
Minutes of the 2017 Deliberative Session held on 2/4/2017 - The First Deliberative Session was held at 10:00 a.m. in the Gilmanton School Gymnasium on Sat., February 4th.The Deliberative Session reconvenes on Tues., March 14th for the ballot vote of elected officials and all warrant articles.
NH State Park Plates - The holder of a State Parks license plate will receive free admission for the registered vehicle and its passengers to day-use parks. These plates will be available for purchase beginning Wednesday,6/1/11 in the Gilmanton Town Clerk/Tax Collector's office
Snowmobile/OHRV and Hunting/Fishing Licenses - The Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office sells registrations for snowmobiles, as well as memberships and trail maps for the Gilmanton Snowmobile Association (#003), and OHRV's as well as Hunting and Fishing Licenses.
An Additional  - There was an oversight on my part in thanking our SAU and school!
Thank You! - With appreciation and many thanks to all...
New Placard Fee beginning January 1, 2017 -  First time issuance Additional placard Permanent and Temporary Replacement Renewal

Office Members
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top of page
  Name Title Phone E-Mail Term Length Term Expiration
  Debra A. Cornett  TC/TC  (603) 267-6726 X 26  2020 
  Maura C. Thomas  Deputy TC/TX  (603) 267-6726 X 28   
  Linda M. Lance  Asst. Deputy TC/TX  (603) 267-6726 X 27   

Frequently Asked Questions top of page
    Can a child legally operate an OHRV?
Any person 12 years of age and over must have successfully completed an approved OHRV Safety Education class of possess a valid motor vehcile driver's license in order to operate on public or private property. Any operator under the age of 14 must be accompanied at all times by a properly licensed adult over 18 years of age. Any operator under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet and eye protection. Any passenger under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet and eye protection. Any operator under the age of 18 cannot carry passengers on a 3 or 4-wheel ATV.

Can I ride my OHRV along power lines and other utility company right of way?
A majority of land on which the utility companies operate are private property. The companies obtain easements for their purposes only. Written landowner permission from each landowner must be obtained if the trail is not specifically designated for OHRV use before you can operator your OHRV.

Do I need a driver's license to operate an OHRV?
You cannot operate any OHRV if your driver's license is under suspension or revocation in any state or Canadian province. An OHRV Safety Education Certificate does not override a Motor Vehicle License Suspension. A valid driver's license or OHRV Safety Certificate is required to cross a public way.

How do I get a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage or civil union certificate?
You need to make a request in writing either by mail or in person. You must be a member of the immediate family (no cousins) or have a direct and tangible interest in the record. The cost of the certified copy is $15.00 for the first copy and $10.00 for any subsequent copies ordered at the same time for the same person. You will need to give the name(s) of the regristrant(s) and approximate date of the event.. Also you must state your relationship of your interest in the record. As of 1/1/05 NH State Law requires identification when requesting a certified record or search. You will need to send a copy of your picture ID when requesting a record by mail of show picture ID when you come in person. The only birth and death records on file in a city or town are the records of those events that occurred in the city or town. Marriage records are filed where the couple obtained their license. If you are not sure where the event took place you may contact the State of NH Bureau of Vital Records at 71 S.Fruit Street, Concord, NH 03301-2410. They have the records for the entire state. Their phone number is (603) 271-2236 and they can accommodate your request using a Master Card of Visa. In Gilmanton, we are able to obtain Birth records for the entire state from 1986 to present, Death records 1990 to present, Marriage records 1989 to present, Divorce records 1990 to present (within six months of the search date) and Civil Unions records 2008 to present.

How do I obtain a civil union license?
HB 436 eliminates the exclusion of same gender couples from marriage, affirms religious freedom protections of clergy with regard to the solemnization of marriage, and provides a mechanism by which same gender couples who have entered into a civil union prior to the enactment of this bill may obtain the legal status of marriage. This bill becomes effective January 1, 2010.

How do I obtain a marriage license?
Effective as of January 1, 2010, RSA 457:1-a Equal Access to Marriage. Marriage is the legally recognized union of two people. Any person who otherwise meets the eligibilty requirements of this chapter may marry any other eligible person regardless of gender. Each party to a marriage shall be designated "bride," "groom," or "spouse". The couple must appear before the Town Clerk and must be married in the State of NH. The fee for the license is $45.00 (change effective 7-1-2011). Both parties must be 18 years of age or older and a drivers license, passport or birth certificate is sufficient for proof of age. If either party is a NH resident and under 18 a *waiver may be granted by the probate court in the county where you live (*this waiver does not apply for same sex couples under 18). If either party was married before, a certified copy of how the marriage ended is needed (i.e. death certificate, dissolution - (in cases of civil unions), divorce decree or annulment certificate). The license is good for 90 days. The license is valid on the day it is processed.

How do I register my car in Gilmanton?
To register a car in Gilmanton you need to prove residency. All vehicles 2000, as of January 1, 2016, or newer will need a title, with the exception of heavy trucks, which will always require a title. If you are a new resident and there is a lien on your vehicle with an out state lien holder you will need to bring your current registration, the name and address of your lien holder and present mileage on the vehicle. At this time, we will prepare a title application that you will either bring to the Concord DMV for a more expedited process or it can be mailed by us to the NH Title Bureau who will then request the title from the lien holder. After they receive your title you will be sent a letter that you will bring to us and we then register your vehicle. If there is no lien on your vehicle you will need to bring in the title and your vehicle will be registered at that time. If you're coming with a vehicle 1999 or older, not previously registered in New Hampshire and you do not have the title, you will need to bring in the registration, bill of sale, and any other supporting documents that gives the information of the ownership of the vehicle (i.e. the make, model, VIN etc.) You will also need a TDMV 19A form to be completed by an authorized dealership, inspection station or law enforcement officer if the vehicle is from out-of-state. Fees are computed when your registration is being processed. There are two separate fees that will need to be paid. One is a personal property tax to the Town and the other is a plate fee to the State. Fees are all pro-rated from the month you come in to the month of renewal. The minimum number of months of a registration is five and the maximum is 16. There is also a $25 title fee for a titled vehicle. All vehicles registered to an individual expire in the registrant's month of birth. If the vehicle is registered to a business or to a leasing company the first letter of the company name determines the month of renewal. If you are transferring your plates from another vehicle that is currently registered in NH you will also need your registration. If you are not sure whether or not you should transfer we will help you determine what you should do when you come in. Renewals may be done in person, by mail, or by EREG. You will receive your renewal notice by mail with instructions.

How do I register to vote?
The Supervisors of the Checklist administer voter registration. They issue guidelines for the taking of evidence of qualification presented by applicants. The Supervisors have special hours determined by State Law to accept voter registrations, these hours are posted at the Town Hall and are printed in the local newspapers, they are generally held just before an election and before the beginning of filing period. The Town Clerk's office will also accept applications during regular business hours. The Supervisors will approve applications when they meet. Voter registration closes 10 days before an election. New Hampshire also has same day voter registration. You may not register to vote at school district and town meetings. You may register to vote at your polling place on Election Day and vote. You are required to show proof of age, domicile and citizenship. Acceptable forms of proof of age include a drivers license, passport or birth certificate. A drivers license, utility bill or other mailed correspondence is acceptable for proof of domicile. Naturalization papers are proof of citizenship if you were not born in the United States. Domicile and citizenship affidavits are available if you cannot provide necessary documentation. When you register to vote you are registered for all elections and town and school meetings.

How many vehicles can I sell before I am considered to be a "Retail Vehicle Dealer"?
Five or more vehicles at retail to the general public in a consecutive 12-month period. RSA 259:89-a Retail Vehicle Dealer. - "Retail vehicle dealer" shall mean a person engaged in the motor vehicle business who sells motor vehicles to the general public, or demonstrates for sale vehicles on consignment to the general public. There shall be a rebuttable presumption that any person who sells or who acts as an agent of a sell for 5 or more vehicles at retail to the general public in a consecutive 12-month period is a retail vehicle dealer.

How often and when will I be billed for my real estate taxes?
There are two real estate tax bills issued per year; the first bill is an estimate based on one half of the previous year's tax. This bill is mailed out near the end of May and is usually due July 1st every year. The State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration sets the tax rate for the year in the Fall. The final bill is calculated using the new tax rate multiplied by your property's assessed value as of April 1st, less any estimated payments made on the first bill. Once the Department of Revenue has set the tax rate for the town, the second bill is processed by the Tax Collector's office after receiving the tax warrants from the Board of Selectmen and is mailed out and due within 30 days from the date of billing. The due date varies on second issue billing each year dependant on when DRA sets the Town's tax rate. Partial payments on property tax accounts are always accepted. It is the property owner's responsibility to forward the tax bill to their bank or mortgage company (if they require) for payment if their taxes are held in escrow.

I hold an out of state driver's license which is my primary residence, I would like to register a car to leave at my seasonal home here in Gilmanton, what do I need to do?
You must verify your non-residence status by showing proof (ie. tax bill/utility bill), filling out a notarized Nonresident Statement Affidavit and presenting your driver's license to the clerk. The vehicle must stay gargaged primarily at the legal address in Gilmanton. RSA 261:46. Nonresident Registration. Notwithstanding RSA 261:45, a nonresident who garages a vehicle primarily in this state may register such vehicle in this state as a nonresident. A vehicle is garaged primarily in this state if it is garaged in this state for at least 350 days of the registration year. No exemption from the payment of a permit fee shall be granted by reason of nonresidence except by the director, who shall in all cases require proof satisfactory to him or her of residence elsewhere, and of the liability of a nonresident owner, otherwise entitled to such exemption, to pay a property tax on the vehicle for the current year in the state of his or her residence.

I've just moved to Gilmanton from another state, how long do I have to re-register and title my vehicle to New Hampshire?
RSA 261:45. Resident of State. Notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 261:44*, when a nonresident has established a bona fide residency in this stae, said resident shall have a maximum of 60 days from the date his residency was established in which to register his/her vehicle in New Hampshire. *RSA 261:44. Operation Without Registration; Reciprocity. A vehicle, other than an OHRV or snowmobile, owned by a nonresident and duly registered for the current year in the state, district or country of which the owner is a resident may be driven upon the ways of the state without registration under this chapter to the extent, as to period of driving and otherwide, that the state, district or country of registration grants similar privileges for the operation of such vehicles owned by residents of this state and registered under its laws. The director for the purposes of this section shall determine the nature and extent of the privileges for the driving of vehicles granted by other states, districts or countries to residents of this state and his determination shall be final.

I've just moved to New Hampshire from another state, how much time do I have to change my driver's license to NH and surrender my out-of-state license?
RSA 263:35. Nonresident Who Establishes a Residency in the State. Notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 261:44 or any other law to the contrary, any nonresident driver of a motor vehicle who holds a valid driver's license in another jurisdiction, upon the establishment of a bona fide residency in this state, shall have a maximum of 60 days from the date his residency was established to obtain a driver's license issued by the state of New Hampshire.

Is my NH OHRV Registration valid in other states?
Reciprocity with other states is limited and subject to change. For reciprocity questions, please call the state you are interested in riding in. Some states require proof of insurance and payment of a trail use fee or club membership. when planning to ride in other states or provinces, call ahead for restrictions such as dates and available trails. Maine OHRV Registry: (207)287-8000; Vermont OHRV Registry: (802)828-2000.

Property Fraud - How does it happen?
Someone records a fraudulent document in the Registry of Deeds office, making it look like they own your home or property.

Property Fraud - Should you be concerned?
Yes! According to the FBI Property and Mortgage Fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime.

Property Fraud - What can I do about it?
Your Registry of Deeds office has teamed up to create a notification service called Property Fraud Alert. Subscribe free of charge: For further details contact Property Fraud Alert at 1-800-728-3858 or Be informed, be alert, be notified!

Property Fraud - What is it?
When someone illegally uses your property for financial gain.

What if I did not receive a tax bill?
Bills are sent to the address of the last known owner by State Law. The Assessor's Office updates its records according to transfer received from the Belknap Country Registry of Deeds after they have been recorded. Your attorney or title company who handled the closing should have checked the status of taxes due. However, it is YOUR responsibility as the new owner to make sure taxes are paid and to advise us of your mailing address in writing. If you have any questions concerning this, refer to your closing statement of call us. Interest at 12% per annum is charged on tax bills NOT PAID by the due date.

What is the definition of an "All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)"
215-A:1 Definitions. - I-b. "All terrain vehicle (ATV)" means any motor-driven vehicle which is designed or adapted for travel over surfaces other than maintained roads with one or more tires designed to hold not more than 10 pounds per square inch of air pressure, having capacity for passengers or other payloads, not to exceed 1,000 pounds net vehicle weight, and not to exceed 50 inches in width. For the purposes of this chapter, all vehicles within this definition shall be classified as off highway recreational vehicles.

What is the tax year?
Throughout the State of New Hampshire, the tax year runs from April 1 through the following March. Assessments of your property are made as of its value on April 1st of each tax year. These assessments will appear on your property tax bill.

When and How do I license my dog?
All dogs 3 months of age or older must be licensed in New Hampshire. You will need to bring in proof of inoculation (rabies certificate) and proof of spaying and neutering if the dog is altered. All dog licenses expire on April 30th. You will need to renew your dogs license annually by this date or penalties and fines will be issued per State Law. There is one month grace period before the penalty begins. The penalty is $1.00 per month beginning June. There may also be $25.00 civil forfeiture fine issued plus $5.00 service fee which will be due 15 days after receipt of the fine. The cost to license a dog is $9.00, $6.50 for a spayed or neutered dog, $4.50 for a dog 7 months and under, $2.00 for the first dog belonging to a senior citizen over 65 years of age. Dogs may be license by mail. Please notify the Town Clerk's office you no longer have your dog or have moved.

Where can I ride my OHRV?
There are more than 6,900 miles of snowmobile trails in New Hampshire. Some of these trails may be designated as open for the use of ATVs and trail bikes. If the trail is not designated as open then it is the operator's responsiblity to obtain written landowner permission to operate on the property of another. The Bureau of Trails and the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association provide maps for the State Corridor Trail system. Local trail maps are printed and distributed by local clubs. 215-C:36 Registration. - I. Registration of a snowmobile or OHRV does not constitute a license to operate the vehicle on private land. Any person operating a snowmobile upon the land of another shall stop and identify himself or herself upon the request of the landowner or a duly authorized reporesentative and, if requested, shall promptly remove the snowmobile or OHRV from the premises.

Who has to register their OHRV?
All OHRVs that are used off of the owner's property must be registered. Motorcycles that are registered for highway use must also register as an OHRV if they are to be used off road. Conventional motor vehicles (cars and trucks) that are registered for highway use are not required to obtain an OHRV registration - cars and trucks are not permitted on OHRV trails. Registrations are valid from the date of issue through June 30th; they are NOT prorated. **No registration is requred for a youth model trail bike, youth model ATV or youth model snowmobile when the operatior is under 12 years of age and is accompanied by a person 18 year of age or older who holds a valid license to operate an OHRV. > Youth Model Trail Bike is defined as less than 95cc > Youth MOdel ATV is defined as less than 95cc > Youth Model Snowmobile is defined as less than 125cc

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