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THANK YOU to all involved in the Town/School Election AND Storm Clean-up!!!

Events (today up to 60 days out)
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 Saturday, April 1, 2017   Annual Sawyer Lake Village District Meeting - Warrant to Sawyer Lake Village District Residents   10:00 AM   Sawyer Lake Clubhouse  agenda

Organization Members
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  Name Title Phone E-Mail Term Length Term Expiration
  Robert Dow  Commissioner  (603) 267-8472    2017 
  Steven Chmielecki  Commissioner  (603) 254-8426    2015 
  Dana Twombly  Commissioner  (603) 387-6458    2016 
  Patrick Hackley  Moderator  (603) 267-6395    2015 
  Richard Bakos  Treasurer  (603) 267-5056    2015 
  Paula Adams  Recording Clerk  (603) 267-7653  2015