Town of Gilmanton, New Hamsphire
July 29, 2014, 11:59 pm


***If you have a green and white sticker, this sticker is expired.  You must complete a new application and purchase a new sticker (orange).    If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk's Office.  Thank you.



Dump Stickers

The Town of Gilmanton Town Clerk/Tax Collector's office requires proof of ownership of your Gilmanton property on file before dump stickers will be issued and mailed to you. Land only taxpayers may apply, online (or in our office) for a Land Only Brush permit. An application must be on file with our office before a sticker will be issued. If renting or leasing, proof of residency is required and a copy of your current rental or lease agreement must be presented. Completed Applications and proof of rental/lease can be mailed, faxed (603-267-6701) to our office; or scanned and attached in an e-mail to (                       Download Application Here





Plastic (All) 1 - 7

Clear, Green & Blue PETE #1 soda & water bottles milk jugs, detergent bottles, etc.

Please rinse out thoroughly;  caps may remain on bottles as long as bottles are punctured on the side.


Union Leader, Concord Monitor, Laconia Daily Sun, Suncook Sun, Etc.

Must remain dry, flyers can be included as long as they came with the paper.  Do not tie in bundles and no plastic bags.

Aluminum Cans

Soda, Beer and Juice Cans (A magnet will not stick to an aluminum can)

Empty and rinse. No coated aluminum cat food cans.

Tin Cans

Canned food, pet food, soup and empty aerosol cans.

Remove contents and rinse out thoroughly.

Corrugated Cardboard

Double or triple walled cardboard only. No waxed cardboard.

Empty, flatten - Keep clean and dry. Cut or fold to 3' x 3' maximum.

Mixed Paper

Junk mail, office and classroom paper, magazines, cereal boxes, etc.

Keep clean and dry. Keep loose or place in paper bags. Do not tie - No plastic bags.


Bottles, jars, windows, glasses, mirrors, etc. No safety glass.

Remove caps, remove residue and rinse bottles and jars.

Motor Vehicle Batteries

Any car, truck, ATV or motorcycle battery.

Use caution when handling (See attendant for disposal)

Rechargeable Household Batteries

Nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, small sealed VCR & lap top batteries.

Place in designated container. (Other batteries can be safely thrown into compactor.)

Scrap Metal

Metal appliances, cast iron, metal roofing, wheels, empty paint cans, etc.

Remove non-metal parts. Fee may apply. Check with Attendant.

Motor Oil

Residential only - used motor oil from oil changes. No other fluids.

Place in designated area.


Car, truck, motorcycle & equipment tires.

Fee applies. See Attendant.

Yard Waste

Leaves, grass clippings, hay.

Empty bags at compost pile.

Construction & Demolition

Sheet Rock, asphalt singles, painted and treated wood, etc.

Fee applies. See Attendant.

Burn Pile

Clean and unpainted wood including brush under 5" diameter.

Place in designated area.

Household Hazardous Waste

Solvents, stains, oil-based paints, pesticides, etc.

Save for Hazardous Wase Day or call Wolfeboro at 569-5826 for fee disposal.


Plastic Containers
All plastic containers you purchase should be marked with a large and clear recycling code. This code must be molded into the plastic and located on the bottom surface of the container. ideally the entire container should be made of the same plastic to avoid confusion, but often the caps are of a different type. Caps should be separately marked, but few are. Note that most caps are NOT of the same types as the bottle they sit on. Although the caps may remain as long as the bottles are punctured on the side.

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    Recycling Pays!! - 
Black Gold - 
New Two Year Recycling Permit Application - All Recycling Permit Applications require a registration plate number and drivers license to be verified when applying. If you are a renter or are leasing, a copy of the rental/lease agreement needs to presented. Questions, please call:267-6726 or 267-6700
Attention Gilmanton Residents - Change in fees
Composting: - Here are a few more websites that cater to composting, And thank you Kathrine Strode for looking up the information.
The Ethics of Recycling: - informational slide show!
Wine bottle Recycling: - Let's help a local Business, The Gilmanton Winery & Vineyard is looking to Recycle wine bottles. There is a collection area by the glass bin. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Marshall or Sunny at 267-8251. Thank you the G.S.W.D
Attention Gilmanton Residents - Medical sharps must be placed into a sealed plastic laundry bottle.
PLASTICS: - Now accepting #1 thru #7
The Transfer Facility is at it again: - Now excepting the following items, but not limited to.
Mandatory, Pay-As You-Throw or Status Quo? Get the Facts - RCAP Analysis of Solid Waste Operations & Opportunities & Formal Recommendations
House Hold Hazardous Waste - Reduce the use of Hazardous Household Products
Rules,Regulations & Information of the Gilmanton, N.H. Transfer - Rules,Regulations.
Recycling Committee's Recommendation to the Board of Selectmen - The Recycling Committee has made it's recommendation for mandatory Recycling to the Baord of Selectmen.
New price list: - We have a new price list available at the transfer facility & Town hall.
Vegetable oil program - We will accept multiple containers that hold up to 5 gallons each of: Canola, soy, palm, olive, corn, peanut, cotton seed, vegetable (a combination of several oils). The above oils must be in a liquid state. NOT ACCEPTED: LARD. Program begins 2/1/2010.

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  Name Title Phone E-Mail Term Length Term Expiration
  Edward Lang  Facility Manager  (603) 267-6070   
  Ronald Nason   Recycling Attendent  (603) 267-6070     
  Matthew Abraham  Recycling Attendent  (603) 267-6070     
  Arthur Kempton  Part-time Attendant   (603) 267-6070     
  Vacant  Part-time Attendant   (603)-267-6070     

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    How do I Recycle?
Follow the directions and either bring your recyclables to the recycling facility or separate and bag them for pick-up by your commercial hauler. Ask you hauler how they prefer to pick up recyclables.

How do I use the Transfer Station?
You must first pick up a Transfer Station permit, these are available in the Selectmen's Office.

What can I bring to the Transfer Station?
Please refer to the Guide to Recycling Page.

Why Recycle? It helps slow the increase of our taxes!
As much as 50% of our trash can be recycled.

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    HouseHold Hazardous Waste update and resouces: