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Town Offices will be Closed Monday, February 19, 2018 for President's Day...

The Society offers a variety of publications and gifts items relating to the history of the Town. All are available for sale at the office of the Town Clerk (at the Academy), The Brick House and at our summer programs and other Town events. Items may be ordered and shipped directly to you.

There are also historical magnets depicting various images of the Town adhered to flat magnets for $2.00 a piece. 

Historic Postcards: a selection of reproductions in full color of postcards issued prior to 1920.





History of Gilmanton, by Reverend Daniel Lancaster: covers the period from Gilmanton's incorporation in 1727 to the year 1845.


Notes and Excerpts From Lancaster's History, by Reverend Daniel Lancaster


Gilmanton Summers: Memories of a New Hampshire Village in the Early 1900's, by Jane Scriven Cumming with Barbara Donahue: records Jane's recollections of summers in Gilmanton in the early 20th century. It is illustrated with photographs form the period.


The History of Gilmanton to 1875, by William Badger: picks up where Lancaster left off. In addition to information on the industry and politics of the time, it includes information of genealogical interest.


Brief History of the Smith Meeting House, by Edward J. Maher: Smith Meeting House was the first house of worship in Gilmanton. The complex remains a historic highlight.


The Tavern, John J. Collins: a brief history of the historic Temperance Tavern in Gilmanton corner.


The Fire Between the Fires, by Harold Ehrensperger


Lower Gilmanton Church History, by Florence Geddes


Gilmanton Landmarks, by Elizabeth Arms and George F. Kelley: a brief history, illustrated with pictures and drawings, of many sites and buildings in Gilmanton with "a story to tell."


Gilmanton My Hometown: Memoirs of Louise Place Shurbert, by Louise Place Shurbert


The Dear Old Lake: Memories of Crystal Lake and The Village of Gilmanton Iron Works, by Elizabeth Widger Arms and Other "First Family" Members


The Evolution of a New Hampshire Hill Town, by Pat Clarke:  This short history of Gilmanton covers the period from 1880 to 1940, a period in which Gilmanton ceased to be a manufacturing town and saw a major decline in its agriculture and population”.




  • Historic Gilmanton Residency Map:  1860 – 1960 show roads and residents for those years.
  • Lancaster’s Original Map of Gilmanton:  Plan of Gilmanton showing original lots and ranges with development to 1845 superimposed.







Gilmaton Iron Works schoolhouse, circa 1900.  This building stood about where the current fire station is located.  The school was lost in the 1915 fire that destroyed much of the Iron Works village.



2011 Summer Program Series

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Gilmanton History and Genealogy

Online copies of Gilmanton Town Reports covers the period from 1854 to 2007.