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***Stage Road Bridges Public Meeting tonight, Monday, December 4, 2017 at 6:00 pm, Academy Building Auditorium***

Keepers of the Boston Post Cane:

It started in 1909 as a gimmick to increase the circulation of the Boston Post.

There were 431 of the canes to begin with, made of African ebony with 14-carat gold heads. Some say that Edwin A. Grozier, publisher of the Boston Post, had picked them up cheap at an auction before he came up with the idea of distributing them to New England towns to be presented to each town's oldest citizen then passed along to the next oldest as each holder of the cane departed the earth.

Though intended at first only for men by 1930, women were receiving the canes.

Apparently no towns in Connecticut were included in the distribution of the canes, and only two towns in Vermont are known to have had canes.

The cane, or staff, is an ancient symbol of deference to age and reverence for ancestors.

Missing Canes in New Hampshire as of March 1983:


      Selectmen presented Rose Marie Young, 96, with the Town's Boston Post Cane on Wednesday, June 3, 2014.  Rose is a former school board member who also served as the assistant postal officer in Gilmanton Iron Works; she also worked as a trust officer with the First National Bank of Boston.  When Rose was asked what her secret to longevity is, she replied, "I don't think I had much to do with it. It just happened."  Rose Marie is still active in the Gilmanton Community Church, the Women's Fellowship and the Post 102 American Legion Auxiliary.  She was born in New York and moved to Gilmanton with her husband, Morton, in 1951. The home, owned by family members Eben and Cora Young, was operated as a bed and breakfast. Rose Marie and Morton had two sons, Morton, who lives with his partner Sue Bowne, and Don, who lives with his wife Rachel and have three children, Christie, Brett and Chelsea.  Additionally, she has four great grandchildren!



 Boston Post Cane Recipients:






Horace Metcalf

June 18, 1818

June 2, 1913


Arrabelle Zulema (Moody) Knowles

October 17, 1850

September 7, 1942


Alice A. (Metcalf) Morgan

May 19, 1856

March 7, 1951


Richard Frank Varney

January 31, 1873

June 12, 1968


Swen Alban Burg


May 4, 1970


Herbert (Bert) W. Omstead

May 15, 1881

March 19, 1974


Florence M. (Merrill) Durgin

May 29, 1884

April 22, 1977


Cynthia (Nelson) Brown


September 19, 1986


Mildred E. (Page) Potter

May 3, 1894

September 19, 1990


Clayton Gerald Hobbs

July 12, 1896

January 21, 1995


Katharina (Gegger) Geiger

February 25, 1901

May 16, 1997


Hazel Parsons

November 28, 1898

October 17, 2001


Leona McClary

April 5, 1905

January 12, 2003


Lizzie Bickford

September 18, 1908

June 11, 2005


Doris Price Jones (Posthumously)

December 12, 1910

December 1, 2005


Ellen N. Cunliffe

May 5, 1911

March 1, 2008


 James G. Pennock

June 27, 1914 

February 20, 2014 


Rose Marie Young

October 14, 1917




































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    Join us for the Presentation of the Boston Post Cane - On Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. Rose Marie Young was honored as she was presented with the Boston Post Cane.
Presentation of Gilmanton's Boston Post Cane - Please join us on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, in the auditorium of the Academy Building, at 6:00 p.m., the Board of Selectmen will honor Hazel Fletcher with the presentation of Gilmanton's Boston Post Cane; light refreshments to follow the ceremony.