Town of Gilmanton, New Hamsphire
January 23, 2018, 9:21 am

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    Horse Registration - 
Property Check - 
Operation Happy Cow 2017 - The Gilmanton Police have partnered again with Happy Cow Ice Cream in Laconia, and will be handing out coupons for FREE ICE CREAM to kids riding their bikes WEARING HELMETS, safely playing outdoors!
Good Morning Gilmanton Program - This service is designed to check the safety and welfare of th elderly or handicapped individuals within our community who live alone or have special needs.If you have questions about this program, please contact the Gilmanton PD: 267-7401.

Department Members
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  Name Title Phone E-Mail Term Length Term Expiration
Matthew Currier  Chief #601  (603) 267-7401   
  Konstadinos "Kosta" Makris  Patrol Officer  603-267-7401   
  Julian Guidry   Patrol Officer  603-267-7401   
  Robert Mott  Patrol Officer  603-267-7401   
Casey Brennan  Sergeant #602  (603) 267-7401   
  Joseph Marcello  Patrol Officer #606  (603) 267-7401   
Stephen Akerstrom  Patrol Officer #607  (603) 267-7401   
Joseph Collins  Patrol Officer #608  (603) 267-7401   
Robin Bonan  Admin. Assist. #611  (603) 267-7401   
  Felix Barlik  Animal Control Offic  (603) 364-7474     
  Victoria Carroll Parkhill  Animal Control Offic  (603) 364-7474     

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    How can I report a hazard in my neighborhood?
If you observe a condition that is an immediate hazard (debris in the road, etc.) call the Police Department immediately on the business line and they will investigate and correct the problem. If you have a larger concern for your neighborhood such as erecting a Stop Sign, posting a No Parking or speed zone, or other need to make your area safer we would ask for a description in writing to the Chief.

How do a I get a finger print card completed for employment or other purposes?
Finger prints are completed on Tuesday's during normal business hours. Please contact the office to schedule your appointment.

How do I obtain copies of police reports and other police records?
Records and information are released as dictated by state law. Records requests must be made in writing. Records requests may be submitted to the Administrative Assitant during normal business hours.

What does the Animal Control Officer do?
The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing State Laws and local ordinances pertaining to the welfare and control of domestic, exotic, and wild animals.

What is the Animal Control Officer's phone number?
Please call 267-7401. If you have any questions, please feel free to call this number without hesitation. This number connects you directly to the Police Department who will dispatch the Animal Control Officer to return a call or report a location.

When and How do I register my dog?
All dogs 3 months of age or older must be licensed in New Hampshire. You will need to bring in proof of inoculation (rabies certificate) and proof of spaying and neutering if the dog is altered. All dog licenses expire on April 30th. You will need to renew your dogs license annually by this date or penalties and fines will be issued per State Law. There is one month grace period before the penalty begins. The penalty is $1.00 per month beginning June. There may also be $25.00 civil forfeiture fine issued plus $5.00 service fee which will be due 15 days after receipt of the fine.

Where is the Hidden Valley Boyscout Camp?
From NH Route 140 turn North onto Crystal Lake Road stay left at the fork at 3.1 miles turn right onto Places Mill Road at .6 miles turn left onto Griswold Road and follow signs.

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    265:107-a Child Passenger Restraints Required.

Resident and Non- Resident Pistol Permit Application