Town of Gilmanton, New Hamsphire
February 17, 2018, 1:17 pm

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    Bio-Solids Letter to Town - 
Zoning Map - 
Aquifer Overlay Map - 
Telecommunication Tower Map - 
Steep Slopes Overlay Map - 
2018 Planning Board Schedule - 
Conditional Use Permit Application - 
2017 Master Plan Survey Results - 
2018 Meeting Schedule/ Application Deadline - 2018 Planning Board Meeting Schedule & Application Deadline
Planning Board Fee's - Planning Board Fees for the following: Major Subdivisions, Minor Subdivisions, Open Space, Clust or Conservation Subdivisions, Design/Site Plan Review, Lot Line Adjustments, Boundary Line Adjustments, Voluntary Lot Mergers. Recording Fee's to BCRD.
2018 Proposed amendment to Historic District petition WA - Proposed change/amendment to Historic District submitted by petion warrant article
2018 Proposed Amendment to BioSolids by Petition Warrant Article - Proposed changes discussed.
2018 Proposed Telecommunication Amemdments - Proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance relative to changing Telecommunication Sensitivity Zones, therefore, improving service throughout Gilmanton.
Voluntary Lot Merger Form (RSA 674:39-a) - See subdivision regulations for details
Subdivision/Open Space/Condo Application & Lot Line Adjustment - See Subdivision Regulations for details
Subdivision Regulations - When completing a Subdivision Application be sure to print the Application and corresponding Plan Checklist.
2018 Proposed Zoning Amendments - Wireless Telecommunication Facilities, Biosolids, Remove from Historic District, Removal of Planning Board/Elected

Board Members
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  Name Title Phone E-Mail Term Length Term Expiration
  Wayne R. Ogni, Chairman  Chair  (603) 267-6700    2018 
  Marty Martindale, Vice Chair  Member  (603) 267-6700    2018 
  Gabriel Jerome  Full Member  (603) 267-6700    2020 
  John Weston  Member  (603) 267-6700  2019 
  Roy Buttrick  Member  (603) 267-6700    2019 
  T. Justin Caldon  Sitting,Term Expired  (603) 267-6700    2017 
  Steve McCormack, Alternate  Alternate  267-6700  2019 
  Stephen McWhinnie, Selectmen Representative   Selectmen's Rep  (603) 267-6700  2018 
  Diane Marden  Planning Administrat  (603) 267-6700 x 29   

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    Do I need a permit to fill a low spot on my property?
No permit is required to fill a low spot unless it is a wetland. Wetlands are designated by wetland or soils scientists based on specific criteria including vegetation, soils and hydrology. In many cases, a wetland does not contain standing water. Both State and Town regulations require a permit for filling wetland areas.

Do I need a permit to install/repair my dock or retaining wall on shoreline?
The State requires permits for all docks, retaining walls, piers and other shoreline structures. Call the State Wetlands Bureau at (603) 271-2147 for more information or visit their web page at: Applications may be downloaded from their website or you may obtain a wetlands application from the Town Clerks Office.

Do I need Planning Board approval for my project?
Approval from the Planning Board is required for all subdivisions, lot line adjustments, new non-residential development and expansions or changes of use to non-residential buildings or sites. Significant changes to signs that are shown on a site plan may also require Planning Board approval. For additional information, please contact (267-6700).

How can abutters or interested citizens raise concerns about a project to the Planning Board?
Abutters often play a crucial role by providing information and in helping the Planning Board evaluate plans. Abutters and other citizens interested in a project are encouraged to call the Planning Office with concerns or comments, view the plans at the Academy Building, Selectmens Office, submit written comments, or attend the Planning Board meeting.

When does the Planning Board meet and what are the submissions deadlines/requirements?
The Planning Board meets every second Thursday of the month. the deadlines can be found on the Meeting Agenda. If you have any questions, please call 267-6700.

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    2017 Master Plan Survey Results

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SB2 Zoning Calender 2016 - 2017

Zoning Amendment Calendar for Official Ballot (SB2 Towns)