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Gilmanton Fire Department Mission Statement


The Gilmanton fire Department was organized on January 3 1990 following the merger of the Gilmanton Corners Fire Department and the Gilmanton Iron Works Fire Department. The merger was completed to ensure that the citizens of Gilmanton are provided the very best in emergency service. To that end, the mission of the Gilmanton Fire Department shall be:

We will prevent the impact of fire in our community. We will limit the extent of death, injury, and property loss from the fires that do occur.

We will preserve human life from the effects of injury, sudden illness, man-made or natural disasters. We will provide emergency assistance with no regard to race, color, creed or financial status.

We will educate the community and provide them the knowledge necessary to reduce the risks associated with fire and emergency medical events, man-made and natural disasters.

We will ensure that our members are trained according to the latest standards.

We will provide a safe work environment, and offer opportunities for advancement within our department.

We will provide our members with the opportunities to gain new skills that will enhance the service we provide; we will continually strive to be better providers.

We will provide a safe working environment for our members; we will offer a supportive environment for the families of our members.

We will be held accountable to the taxpayers of the town of Gilmanton; we will complete our mission in the most cost effective manner possible, while providing the best service we can.

We will provide professional, courteous and compassionate care to all of those that call us into service.

Revised and adopted April 15, 2011








Fire Department:
The Town of Gilmanton is serviced by 30 call/volunteer members, four full-time members
and six live-in students that provide the citizens of our community a full-time Ambulance Service
in addition to Fire-Rescue Service.








Category I Fire- Means a small controlled fire, such as a camp or cooking fire no greater than 2’ in diameter contained within a ring of fire resistive material or in a portable fire place. A category 1 fire ,conditions permitting, maybe kindled with a permit any time of day whether raining or not. Fire ring must be 25 feet from any structure. Seasonal permits are valid through the end of calendar year.


Category II Fire- means a controlled fire, such as a camp or cooking fire no greater than 4’ in diameter contained within a ring of fire resistive material or in a portable fireplace. A category II fire , conditions permitting , may only kindled with a permit between the hours of 5pm -9am unless it is actually raining . fire ring must be 50 feet from ay structure.  Category II permits are issued seasonally and they are valid until end of calendar year.


Category III Fire- Means any other fire not category I or  category II or a fire greater than 4’ in diameter or a fire not contained within a ring of fire resistive material. Fire must be a minimum of 50 feet from any structure. A category III fire , conditions permitting , may only be kindled between the hours of 5pm -9am unless it is actually raining . these permits are typically issued for up to 3 days.


Category I or Category III seasonal permits require a onetime site inspection prior to first time issuance.





Gilmanton-Fire Rescue provides the following permits at no charge to the taxpayers of Gilmanton. permits may be obtained at either fire station.

The State of NH now offers online permitting . The State charges a 3.00 convience fee for this service. Permits may be obtained at


Outdoor Burning Regulations

w Fire permits are required for ALL outside fires.
w Fire permits must be obtained by the landowner, at the Gilmanton-Fire Rescue on NH Route 140.
w Fires are permitted without a permit when the ground has adequate snow cover. Please contact the fire department prior to burning to assure there is adequte snow coverage.
w You cannot burn on another person's property without their written permission.
w You must have a burn permit for all portable stoves (i.e., clay pot stoves, metal, etc.) A year-round permit will be issued which will be good until December 31st of the current year it is issued.


Time Of Day You Can Burn

w Burning is permitted between 5pm &  9am, fire must be out at 9am
w Fires during the day are permitted during heavy rain, but at the discretion of the Fire Chief.

Burn Conditions

w Someone MUST stay with the fire at all times
w Fires cannot be extinguished by burying.
w You must be capable of extinguishing the fire at any time.
w You may be financially responsible for property damage, if you lose control of the fire.



w Plastic of any kind
w Rubber products, including tires
w Paint buckets or brushes
w Painted or treated lumber or wood
w Tar paper or shingles
w Wood over 5inches in diameter
w Insulation including no wire insulation
w Styrofoam
w Fiberglass
w Sheetrock
w Stumps or log

Please feel free to call the Gilmanton Fire-Rescue should you have any questions.
For All Emergencies: 9-1-1 
Non-Emergency Numbers:  Iron Works Station (603) 364-2500 or Corners Station (603) 267-8466


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    Oct 15, 2017 OPEN HOUSE - Fire Department Open House at the Public Safety Building October 15, 2017
Treatment of Lyme Disease - Follow-up and contact information and links.
The Nixle Community Information Service  - Gilmanton, NH The Gilmanton Fire Department now utilizes a new communications service that allows us to send important, valuable community information directly to residents using the latest technology.
Carfentanil Alert - Safety Infomation - Safety Alert: Carfentanil and other fentanyl analogues present a serious risk to public safety, first responder, medical, treatment, and laboratory personnel. These substances can come in several forms, including powder, blotter paper,tablets,patch&spray.
Tick Season Is Here! - Tips for prevention, signs and treatment of tick bites.

Department Members
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  Name Title Phone E-Mail Term Length Term Expiration
  Chief Paul J Hempel III  Chief  (603) 364-2500   
  Deputy Chief James Beaudoin  Deputy Fire Chief  (603) 364-2500   
  Captain Bryan Boyajian  Captain  (603) 364-2500     
  Captain Dennis Comeau  Captain  (603) 364-2500     
  Lieutenant Brian Cottrell  FF/EMT-I  603-364-2500     
  Lieutenant Randy Perkins  Lieutenant  (603) 364-2500     
  Lieutenant Donald Pickowicz  Lieutenant  603-364-2500     
  Engineer Frank McClary  Engineer  (603) 364-2500     
  Engineer Dana Middleton  Captain  (603) 364-2500     
  Career FF/AEMT John Cunningham  Career FF/AEMT  (603)-364-2500     
  Career FF/AEMT Curtis Buxton  Career FF/EMT  (603) 364-2500   
  Career FF/AEMT Dylan Raymond  FF/AEMT  603-364-2500     

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    How do I find out about hydrants in town?
The Fire Department is in the process of both updating current dry hydrants and installing new hydrants to provide better fire suppression capabilities throughout the community. For further information please contact the fire station or the Fire Chief.

Where can I obtain oil burner installation permits?
Permits may be obtained at the Academy building located at 503 Province Road during normal business hours, or contact the Fire Chief.

Who do I contact for information on burning brush and where do I obtain a burn permit?
A permit is required per NH RSA 227-L:7 and must be obtained at the Gilmanton Fire Department stations located at either 396 NH Route 140 in Gilmanton Corners or 1824 NH Route 140 in Gilmanton Iron Works. With a permit you may ordinarily burn between the hours of 5:00 pm and 9:00 am. All fires must be attended at all times. If it is raining or there is snow covering the ground, you may burn during daylight hours; please contact the fire station to let them know that you will be burning.

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