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Contacts for Private and Town Managed Cemeteries

Private Cemetery

Pine Grove Cemetery Association

Belinda Littlefield
543 White Oaks Road
Ctr. Barnstead, NH 03225
(603) 364-9511

Richard Bickford
411 White Oaks Road
Ctr. Barnstead, NH 03255
(603) 364-9512

Private Cemetery

Smith Meeting House Cemetery Association

Fred Buchholz
604 Meeting House Road
Gilmanton, NH 03237
(603) 267-6500
Town Owned/Managed Cemeteries

All Remaining

Candace Daigle, Trustee
PO Box 119
Gilmanton, NH 03237
(603) 267-8274
JR Stockwell, Trustee
PO Box 51
Gilmanton, NH 03237
(603) 267-7502
John Dickey, Trustee
8 High Streeet
Gilmanton, NH 03237
(603) 267-6098

NOTE:  In accordance with RSA 289:3 there is a 25' area around the outside of all cemeteries and burial grounds within which no construction, excavation or building shall occur.  This includes the removal of stumps.

Gilmanton Cemetery Trustees

The Trustees of Cemeteries are elected by the voters of Gilmanton to maintain municipal cemeteries placed under their management. Two of the four active cemeteries in the community, Pine Grove and Smith Meeting House, have separate private management associations. The Trustees have been charged with the care of the remaining two cemeteries, Buzzell and Beech Grove, and 37 other burial and historic sites. Many sites have been reclaimed and require only seasonal maintenance. Some are being reclaimed with the repair and construction of walls, fences and gates, the trimming of trees to eliminate falling branches that can shatter antique head stones, the installation of steps and the repair and resetting of damaged stones. A few sites remain where reclamation has not begun.

The Trustees thank the voters and members of the community for their support and assistance in preserving and maintaining these important links to Gilmanton’s heritage. Please do not hesitate to contact any Trustee with comments, questions or recommendations.

Community Care and Commitment

The Residents of Gilmanton have always shown a high level of care and commitment to the many burial sites acorss the community where family members and friends are interred.  The Trustees thought the following essay and poem, written by Karina MacLeod speaks to that strong connection to those who have passed.  Ms. MacLeod wrote this winning submission to the Americal Legion Auxiliary's Memorial Day Essay Contest and read her winning essay and poem at the 2017 Memorial Day Services.  Memorial Day Essay and Poem

Prior and Currently Serving Trustee Members

2012 - Current John Dickey 3 yrs 2020
2002 - Current Leonard (JR) Stockwell, Jr. 3 yrs 2019
1991 - Current Candace Daigle 3 yrs 2018
1989 - 2012 Marion McIntyre    
1988 - 2002 H.L. Peter Osler    
1988 - 1991 Mildred H. Aylward    
1988 - 1989 Doris P. Jones    


Continue title work and gathering of available plans to better understand and document the history of burial and historic sites within the community. The Trustees appreciate hearing from anyone who has copies of deeds, maps, burial records or other documents to share.

In the document list below is the list of Veterans buried in the sites administered by the Trustees. Please let us know of additional names to add to the list.  The American Legion Auxiliary, Ellis-Geddes-Levitt, Unit #102 Gilmanton has undertaken a more indepth search to locate the burial site of all veterans buried in Gilmanton.  As they research and provide additional information the below list will be updated.

For the safety of Visitors and the protection of burial sites, signs are being designed for placement at each site. They will serve as a reminder of the activities that are prohibited within and immediately adjacent to the sites and provide contact information for issues relating to the site. Although the Trustees remain aware of the need to maintain the aesthetic value of the site, such signage becomes a necessity for the information of visitors and the enforcement of regulations. Sign wording is listed in the documents below.

Small markers will also be used to identify the extent of easements which have been provided to the Town for access and maintenance purposes.

Veterans at Rest in Gilmanton, NH

A Keystone Project of Ellis-Geddes-Levitt Unit #102 of the American Legion Auxiliary


Veterans Buried in Gilmanton



Veterans Buried in Gilmanton

by Cemetery

Veterans Buried in Gilmanton

Name Submission Form

Veterans Buried in Gilmanton

More Info

In 2013 the Members of Auxiliary Unit #102 realized the need to establish a repository of records identifying veteran burials in the community.  Each year, the American Legion places an American Flag at the grave of all such known gravesites. However, the existing list of known burials is incomplete. All Veterans should receive the honor of recognition for their service and this honor should extend to their final resting place. Therefore, this keystone project for the Ellis-Geddes-Levitt American Legion Auxiliary Unit #102 is envisioned to create a written record of Veteran Gravesites in Gilmanton.

There is no one source of such information and Unit 102 is seeking the help of the community as well as family and friends of departed Veterans. Help create the record necessary to continue to honor the Veterans that have served our Country.

There are 36 known burial grounds and cemeteries within the Town of Gilmanton. Because of the historic nature of such sites, many gravestones are no longer readable; some have been removed over the decades and centuries; and many were buried without having a permanent engraved marker. Very few burial records survive from early interments and in very few cases does the record indicate military service.

Although searching these sites is one way of obtaining information, it is certainly not the single, most useful method. The community, itself, holds the knowledge that will make this project a success.

Unit 102 is asking that you share information on Veterans buried in Gilmanton.  A Name Submission Form is included above.  This would be recent and older burials because even recent events may not be recorded. A list of burials that are on record are provided above (in alphabetical form and by cemetery). The list will be showcased at the Old Home Day and other events where Unit 102 is in attendance.  

Meanwhile, more information on this project as well as the contact information for Unit 102 is included above.  Please do not hesitate to let them know whatever info you may have or to inquire if those names are already on the list. Unit 102 is hoping to obtain name, burial location, military branch, rank, unit, dates of birth and death and any additional information that may be provided.

NH Towns ID Graves of Veterans from Pre-Revolution to Vietnam  Associated Press 5/26/17

Memorial Day Essay and Poem Winner of 2017 American Legion Auxiliary's Memorial Day Essay Contest

Acceptance of Burial Grounds

In certain circumstances the Town, through its Town Meeting, can act to accept a private burial ground. The process and issues are outlined in the Site Acceptance Policy listed under Documents below.


Often historic sites are not located immediately adjacent to a public highway. The Town may approach the intervening landowner to request that a permanent easement be granted to the town to allow access to the site for maintenance purposes. Additionally, landowners may also provide a easement around a site to provide additional protection to the site.

Mary Butler Homesite Easement - During 2007 Mrs. Virginia Stanley and her son William D. Stanley III gifted to the Town a 50' protective easement around the perimeter of the Mary Butler Homesite on Mary Butler Lane. Mary Butler Eastman gained fame because of her horseback ride from her wilderness home in Gilmanton to Cambridge to learn the fate of her husband after the Battle of Bunker Hill. Read more in the Document listed below.

Osgood Cemetery Easement - During 2012 George and Anna Mae Twigg gifted to the Town a permanent easement to access the Osgood Cemetery from the closest public highway, Loon Pond Road. This transfer occurred during a very complex proposal of the Gilmanton Land Trust to bring several entities together to permanently preserve this and other Twigg properties within the community. A great deal of thank is also due to the Land Trust and others involved who also made the cemetery easement transfer possible.

Annual Reports


























2013 2014 2015 2016  


Documents and Forms top of page
    Minutes 04/23/15 - 
NH DOJ 2015 Cemetery Trustee Seminar Slides - 
NH DOJ 2015 Cemetery Trustee Seminar Handouts - 
NH DOJ 2015 Cemetery Trustee Seminar Handbook - 
Abandoned Burial Ground Proposal - 2004 Project by which the Trustees assumed the authorization and rights of the natural lineal descendants of persons buried within neglected burial grounds to administer rules to protect neglected sites from intentional or inadvertent damage.
Mary Butler Easement Presentation Document - 2007 Presentation of Mary Butler Homesite Easement to the Town
Application to Purchase Right to Inter - Application and Instructions to purchase a Right to Inter in either the Buzzell or Beech Grove Cemetery
Application to Convert Lot Deed - Convert an existing Lot Deed into a Right to Inter Document for recording at the Belknap County Registry of Deeds
Human Remains or Burial Site Markers Beyond Cemetery Grounds - Discovering unmarked human remains and/or burial site markers or stones
Right to Inter Example - Example of Certificate used to transfer burial rights
Interment Designation - Form for burial rights owner to designate who may be buried within the site.
Interment Order & Process - Forms and Process to be used at time of burial.
Cemetery, Burial Ground and Historic Site List - List
Cemetery, Burial Ground and Historic Site Map - Map
Buzzell Cemetery Map - Map of Buzzell Cemetery showing lots available for sale in new section.
Beech Grove Cemetery Map - Map showing existing and for-sale lots
Veterans interred in cemeteries and burial sites - Please contact the Trustees with information on additional Veterans to be added to this list.
Private Burial Site Acceptance Policy and Application - Process for Town's acceptance of private burial sites
Cemetery Regulations - Regulations established in accordance with RSA 289:2, as amended, for the operation and maintenance of all cemeteries and burial sites owned and/or maintained by the Town of Gilmanton including all sites declared abandoned by the Board of Selectmen.
Burial & Cemetery Signage - Such signs will be erected at all sites under the protection of the Gilmanton Cemetery Trustees. For the protection of the sites, the signs will identify prohibited uses

Frequently Asked Questions top of page
    I am doing Genealogy research. Who can I contact to get further information?
For many years Cemetery Trustee Marion McIntyre has researched and accumulated information on Gilmanton births and deaths as well as other local historic items. Marion's contact information is listed on the Cemetery Trustee page. The Gilmanton Historical Society is also the community repository of historic items and information. Their contact information is listed on the Society's page under the Community tab on this site.

I own a burial site in a Gilmanton Cemetery, how do I make arrangements for a burial?
Refer to the Cemetery contact information (above) for the individual to be contacted for each cemetery. For Town managed sites, the applicant must provide a signed Interment Order (above), proof of ownership and/or proof of right of burial. The funeral director, next of kin or designated agent shall present all burial documents prior to arrival in the cemetery. Refer to the Cemetery Regulations (above) for additional information.

I wish to purchase a burial site or "Right to Inter" in the Town of Gilmanton.
Complete and submit the Application to Purchase Right to Inter above. Refer to the Cemetery contact information (above) for the individual to be contacted for each cemetery. For Town managed sites, both the Buzzell Cemetery and the Beech Grove Cemetery have burial rights for sale. Refer to the Cemetery Regulations and maps (above) for additional information.

What are Perpetual or General Care Funds (Care Fund) and can I create a Care Fund if I already have a burial site?
At the time of purchase, the buyer pays a fee for the right to bury and also deposits an amount of money into a Care Fund. For Town Cemeteries, that fund is held and invested by the Gilmanton Trustees of Trust Funds in accordance with very stringent State laws. The annual interest is used by the Cemetery Trustees to maintain that lot and the cemetery in general in the future. Refer to the specific cemetery for information on the amount of Care Funds required at the time of purchase. Many lots sold in prior years have a very small fund or no fund at all. The cost to maintain those lots comes from the annual Town Cemetery budget. If you wish to assist in the care of a lot or the preservation of a cemetery or historic site, you may establish a care fund or make an additional deposit into an existing fund by contacting the Cemetery Trustees. Such donations are deductible under Internal Revenue Codes sections 170 (a)(1) and 170 (c)(1) and are greatly appreciated by the Cemetery Trustees who are charged with the administration and care of these sites.

What is a Right to Inter, and how does it differ from a burial lot purchase?
In past years, cemeteries sold burial "lots". However, this wording was somewhat misleading as cemeteries were not selling the actual ground, but rather the right to use a specific lot within the cemetery for burial purposes by the purchaser. To clarify the transaction, cemeteries now call this a "Right to Inter". It gives the purchaser the same right; which is an exclusive right to a plot for the purposes allowed by these Regulations; however, title to the real estate remains with the Town. The Right to Inter document can also be recorded at the Belknap County Registry of Deeds providing notice of your ownership and Right to that lot. Individuals who have previously purchased "lots" by a cemetery deed may surrender that deed to the Trustees who will prepare a Right to Inter so that your ownership may be recorded at the Registry of Deeds. Contact the Cemetery Trustees to covert your current deed.

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